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IT that works with your business

JustWorks IT was born out of the desire to provide IT services that work for the sake of business and not for the sake of IT itself. We offer a range of services from basic IT support, through network and IT systems installation, Training on IT systems and consultancy for existing and new startup businesses to solve issues that you may not have considered IT for in the past.  Our goal is to make your IT simpler and to make your business run better and more smoothly.


Better IT for Your Business

Let's get together to see how we can improve your business.



We'll work with your business, to improve your systems and make your business run smoother and more efficiently. For most projects we agree a cost before starting and we have a clear simple price list for other services including support


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About JustWorks IT

He is the chief simplifier

JustWorks IT was founded by Justin Bell after a frustrating search for IT support for a business. Being unable to find local IT support companies who didn't either want a large retainer, or were not lacking in skills, JustWorks IT was born.